Bug#805377: pt-br translation error in ifconfig(8) man page

Martín Ferrari martin.ferrari at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 14:19:41 UTC 2015


On 17/11/15 11:22, Juliano wrote:

> Ifconfig(8) man page translation for pt-br is mistaken.

> The description for allmulti option should be the description for
> promisc option.
>        [-]allmulti
>               Habilita ou desabilita o modo promiscuous da interface.
> Isto significa que todos  os  frames  passarão  pela
>               camada de rede do kernel, permitindo monitoração da rede.

Thanks for your report. I will fix this.

> However, the promisc option is not in the manual.
> I tried, but I did not found where I should suggest the translation
> correction.

The translated man pages are independent documents, see

If you send a bug report with a diff for that file, I will happily apply it.

> Apparently the date of mistranslation is 02-12-2007 (seven years old).
> It could mean: 
> a) the revision process is flawed
> b) reporting translation bugs is too complicated
> c) translating process is even more complicated
> d) some of the above
> e) all the above

Well, net-tools has been pretty forgotten by upstream and Debian for
years.. recently I've tried to pick up a bit, but help is always
appreciated :)

About translation workflows, I have no experience with that.

> Please, let me know how to proceed to contribute.

Just send a new bug report with your patches, that's the simplest way.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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