[Pkg-octave-devel] Developer team + SVN + infrastructure

Jorge Bernal koke@sindominio.net
Tue, 25 Jan 2005 09:38:15 +0100

El Martes 25 Enero 2005 09:35, Isaac Clerencia escribi=F3:
> I'm also member of the Debian Qt/KDE team, and may be we can get some
> "procedures" from there.
> We have a SVN repository with a structure like:
> trunk/packages/kdebase/debian/...
> trunk/packages/kdelibs/debian/...
> tags/packages/kdelibs/kdelibs-3.3.1-1/debian/..
> tags/packages/kdelibs/kdelibs-3.3.1-2/debian/..
> tags/packages/kdelibs/kdelibs-3.3.2-1/debian/..

I'm not sure but I think svn-buildpackage creates a tree in this way.

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