[Pkg-octave-devel] Bug#637787: Bug#637787: Bug#637787: trivial fix

Thomas Weber tweber at debian.org
Fri Aug 19 20:26:08 UTC 2011

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 09:51:36AM -0500, Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
> On 19 August 2011 06:11, Soeren Sonnenburg <sonne at debian.org> wrote:
> > Package: octave3.2
> > Version: 3.2.4-8
> > Severity: normal
> > Tags: patch
> >
> > it is sufficient to remove the curl/types.h line - octave builds just
> > fine then.
> This has already been done in Octave 3.4.2. I think the easiest fix is
> to just update the package, which addresses a bunch of other bugs we
> have here.


This upload had that fix. 

About the updating to Octave 3.4.2 - the problem is not the Octave
packaging, I have that completed for some time. 

The problem is that dpkg-shlibdeps doesn't like the fact that Octave
uses normal SONAMEs for its libraries now, but ships them in a private
path (so dpkg-shlibdeps doesn't find them and aborts).
So, I'm reading through far too many books/tutorials about libtool and
friends now just so that the libraries end up under /usr/lib.


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