[Pkg-octave-devel] Bug#637787: Bug#637787: Bug#637787: Bug#637787: trivial fix

John W. Eaton jwe at octave.org
Mon Aug 22 18:28:54 UTC 2011

On 19-Aug-2011, Thomas Weber wrote:

| The problem is that dpkg-shlibdeps doesn't like the fact that Octave
| uses normal SONAMEs for its libraries now, but ships them in a private
| path (so dpkg-shlibdeps doesn't find them and aborts).
| So, I'm reading through far too many books/tutorials about libtool and
| friends now just so that the libraries end up under /usr/lib.

Octave's Makefile.am files have lines like

  octlib_LTLIBRARIES = liboctave.la
  octlib_LTLIBRARIES = liboctinterp.la

so these files are installed in $(octlibdir) and the default
definition of octlibdir is set in configure.ac to be


You are of course free to redefine this to be '$(libdir)' instead, and
I think that will cause the libraries to be installed into /usr/lib if
you set $(prefix) to be /usr.


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