[Pkg-octave-devel] Updating the Uploaders field to better reflect personal commitments

Sébastien Villemot sebastien at debian.org
Fri Aug 8 13:31:11 UTC 2014

Le jeudi 26 juin 2014 à 20:57 +0200, Rafael Laboissiere a écrit :
> * Sébastien Villemot <sebastien at debian.org> [2014-06-26 20:21]:
> > So, out of the 54 packages maintained by the DOG, 29 have at least one 
> > person (out of Mike, Rafael and myself) interested in maintaining them. 
> > For those 29 packages, I therefore suggest to update the Uploaders field 
> > in git according to the wiki page. Is that ok?
> Ok with me.
> > Then, for the remaining 25 packages, we have to find another solution. 
> > Among those, 5 packages (benchmark, mapping, nnet, octgpr, plot) are 
> > marked as unmaintained upstream (see 
> > http://octave.sourceforge.net/packages.php), so I guess we could request 
> > their removal.
> Go ahead.
> > That leaves us with 20 packages to be adopted. I see two possible 
> > solutions: either list all team members in the Uploaders field, or 
> > distribute packages randomly across team members. I guess the former 
> > solution is better. What do you think?
> Yes, the former proposal is more sensible.

I have implemented all the points mentioned above.

I have also documented the new rules for the Uploaders field on our wiki

I will probably proceed to several uploads before the Jessie freeze,
especially for packages which have not been updated during the Jessie
cycle, but which have nevertheless accumulated several small changes in
their git repository.

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