[Pkg-octave-devel] Bug#735557: transition: octave3.8

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at laboissiere.net
Sat Jan 18 17:09:33 UTC 2014

* Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at laboissiere.net> [2014-01-17 16:02]:

> [snip]
> Recompilation of package octave-plplot failed.

This happens because the Octave binding for the PLplot library is built 
with SWIG and a change in file version.h introduced in 3.8.0 is 
preventing SWIG of working correctly.  The problem is described in this 
bug report against SWIG:


A bug report against Octave has been filed in the Savannah tracker:


and JWE commited a changeset for coping with the problem:


This changeset does not really fixes the compilation of the plplot 
package, but would allow the SWIG developers to get around the lacking of 
OCTAVE_API_VERSION_NUMBER definition in version.h.

In sum, until the problem gets fixed in the swig package, the plplot 
package will FTBFS with octave 3.8.0.


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