[Pkg-ofed-devel] Status OFED 1.5.4

Ana Guerrero ana at debian.org
Fri Jun 15 13:29:09 UTC 2012

Small update:

On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 02:18:36PM +0200, Ana Guerrero wrote:
>   Package name - version in 1.5.4 tarball and status in Debian
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> + libipathverbs - 1.2 (last version in unstable is 1.1 by Roland) 
This one is updated in Debian to 1.2.

> I am going to commit all the stuff that is beginning with a * to the
> branch I have created but I don't want to work in uploading stuff to Debian.

I explained myself wrong here, I do not mind a NMU to update the packages
but what I meant is "I don't want to work in maintaining this stuff
in Debian"


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