[Pkg-ofed-devel] Status OFED 1.5.4

Roland Dreier roland at digitalvampire.org
Fri Jun 15 21:33:41 UTC 2012

 > + cxgb3   - 1.3.1 (unstable contains 1.3.0 by Roland) 

I can upload this in a few days.

 > - nes - 1.1.3 (NOT in Debian)

I have a libnes package, I should upload it sometime.  Also a libcxgb4
package pending.

 > + libipathverbs - 1.2 (last version in unstable is 1.1 by Roland) 

Will update.

 > + opensm - 3.3.12 (last version in unstable 3.2.6-20090317-2.1)

This definitely needs to be updated in Debian... the version in Debian
doesn't support FDR (and has an unacknowledged NMU).

 > I am going to commit all the stuff that is beginning with a * to the
 > branch I have created but I don't want to work in uploading stuff to Debian.
 > I don't know if Benoit Mortier is going to do it or not, but freeze is RSN
 > so if somebody is interested, please go ahead! 

Did you mean '+' instead of '*'?  Most of the *s are on packages that
seem fine in Debian right now.

I'd be happy to NMU opensm and its dependencies at least, because I
see there exactly how the stale package miss pretty important features.
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