[Pkg-opennebula-devel] Progress for OpenNebula 3.8

Martin Steigerwald ms at teamix.de
Wed Jul 22 14:19:20 UTC 2015

Am Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015, 13:51:29 schrieb Olivier Berger:
> Martin Steigerwald <ms at teamix.de> writes:
> > Am Mittwoch, 5. September 2012, 17:00:28 schrieb Jaime Melis:
> >> FYI: I have spoken with Martin and Damien to let them know that I'm
> >> currently working in an adaptation of the community packages to release
> >> OpenNebula 3.8 by OpenNebula own package distribution mechanism.
> > 
> > Or short summary of what we discussed in private:
> > 
> > - Jaime made a script to check the files of the opennebula upstream
> > tarball against the package install files aka debian/opennebula.install.
> > We noted that some files are missing from the install files since they
> > are packaged elsewhere. Damien suggested to use some kind of exclude list
> > for these files. Jaime plans to commit the script to the repository.
> > 
> > - I explained my existing packaging efforts for opennebula 3.6: the
> > package basically works, the ozones server does not yet work and there is
> > a file in debian with other TODOs like nicely done changelog (instead of
> > git-dch dump) and open questions.
> > 
> > - We started discussing possible upgrade issues when an Opennebula 3.8
> > package from opennebula.org is installed to Squeeze and Wheezy just
> > contains OpenNebula 3.4. apt-get / aptitude would not find a newer
> > version unless for example opennebula.org also provides packages for
> > Wheezy and the sources.list line for it can thus be changed to wheezy to
> > have OpenNebula upgraded as well. That can be an issue when the
> > OpenNebula 3.8 package for squeeze does not work with a packages it
> > depends on in Wheezy due to package renames (libruby-something =>
> > ruby-something) or versioning conflicts.
> > 
> > I think thats about it.
> > 
> > I am happy that Jaime works on OpenNebula 3.8 community packages for
> > Debian as I will be on vacation and be busy otherwise at work after it.
> I've been digging through the mailing-list archives and after filtering
> the spam locally, I finally was able to spot interesting discussions.
> I don't know if Martin is still interested, but I'll try my luck anyway.
> Has there been any public push of the packaging sources for 3.8.5 ?
> I noticed the commits by Jaime on the experimental branch that were
> later reverted (so as to keep experimental on 3.6 only ?), but nothing
> else.
> And AFAICS, the 3.8.5 package tarball from opennebula didn't contain the
> package sources, only the binary packages.
> Any clue, anyone (if you're still alive ;)

We may revisit OpenNebula in the next time, but currently I do not intend to 
work on the packaging, so it is a …

… "go ahead! and good success" from my side.

I just think it would make sense to go after the latest version of OpenNebula. 
Thats 4.12.1 according to:


One of the challenges I found with the packages, that included files in 
upstream change heavily and you always need to adapt which files are installed 
into the package. This is quite some manual work. Of course, just including 
everything is not an option either. And adding copyrights for the files. 
Anything that can help to automate it without loosing control of what gets 
include into the package would make a lot of sense.

Thus I would not spend any effort packaging an obsolete version of OpenNebula, 
but go for the latest and greated to have this effort just once instead of 
twice (first 3.8, than 4.12) to go to the latest upstream version.


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