[php-maint] Changing php function behaviour in Debian revisions

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Mon Aug 29 08:53:57 UTC 2005

Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> a) When updating to a release candidate, please change the package
> version number. 4.3.11RC1 is probably a lot more similar to 4.3.11 than
> it is to 4.3.10, so the package version should reflect this as good as
> possible.

In general, I only do bugfix pulls from CVS, so the whole problem
becomes moot.  4.3.10 -> 4.3.11 was a pretty special case, since 4.3.10
was so hideously broken in general that updating to an RC was more
appropriate than trying to backport individual fixes.

As for the versions not matching upstream behaviour, that's why we tack
on the debian revision as an EXTRAVERSION to phpversion(), which seems a
fair compromise.  Still, the case with 4.3.10 was fairly isolated, and I
doubt you have to worry too much about us destroying random APIs willy

... Adam

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