[php-maint] Bug#325550: php4: Problems with mail() function allow relaying through mailforms...

Luc Stroobant debian at stroobant.be
Tue Aug 30 11:14:34 UTC 2005

Additional remark.
After a while, I figured out they probably didn't insert the extra 
receivers via the email message ($r) --although they tried that too, had 
to sort out hundreds of log entries-- but through the from/email variable.
There was a problem with the validation of the from-address in the 
script (used trim instead of a regex to replace all \n's, trim only 
removes \n at the beginning and the end). So in that way, they could 
insert additional headers.
But I did some tests with mail() and I still think it should be 
considered as a bug that PHP mail() allows insertion of additional To: 
headers through the 'additional_headers' variable. You don't even need 
to insert the MIME boundary for that, just put 'From: user at domain\nTo: 
user at otherdomain' in the additional headers and mail() will send it to 
an additional recipient...

As spam attempts through mailforms are rising, I guess it would be a 
better idea to disallow any definition of mail receipients in the 
additional headers and force the user to input receipients via a 
to/cc/bcc variable in mail() call. (but I know that's a PHP issue and 
won't bother you any further with this ;-)

Kind regards,


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