Bug#331729: [php-maint] Bug#331729: php4-curl: Requires an Apache restart on postinst

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Wed Oct 5 04:25:56 UTC 2005

Kai Hendry wrote:
> I apt-get install php4-curl and expected it to work straight away.

It would work straight away if you dlopen() the module.  However, if you
expect PHP to do it for you on startup from php.ini, you kinda have
to... Restart it.  Not required for CGI/CLI (as they "startup" on each
invocation), but is required for apache1.3/apache2.

I've had several requests for "restart my webserver after I install
modules", and to be honest, I'm not sure what to do about them.  While
it may be helpful in the cases where people don't know what's wrong, it
seems quite a disruptive thing to do for the majority of cases.

... Adam

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