[php-maint] Apache Segfaults on mysql_fetch_field()

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Thu Oct 27 04:52:03 UTC 2005

Steve Redlich wrote:
> I am running Debian Stable and manage to crash apache when installing
> WordPress into a user's webspace.
> Commenting out a call to mysql_fetch_field() makes the crash go away.
> http://www.phpdoc.info/commits/3720  shows what might be a fix for this
> problem  (PHP bug #31288)  Is this fix in Debian Stable?

Yes, that fix is in Sarge.

> Please let me know if I should be reporting this thru the bug system. I
> didn't want to report it there if it was already a known problem.

What's more likely the cause is that you have two apache modules loading
that are indirectly linked to two different libmysqlclient versions,
leading to symbol clashes which seems to manifest in this bug (and
people mistakenly believe it's the other bug, which has been fixed)

Note that this could be anything, from mod_perl with libdb-mysql (or
whatever it's called), to something using PAM and libpam-mysql, etc.
Check anything and everything that you may be loading into Apache's
memory space and make sure they're all linking with the same
libmysqlclient (ldd /path/to/lib | grep mysql)

Do you have any hand-compiled stuff on that system, or is it all stock
Debian packages?  If you have hand-compiled stuff, I'll look there to
point a finger first.  If not, it's possible we produced something
that's broken in certain combinations, though we tried pretty hard not
to. :/

... Adam

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