[php-maint] Apache Segfaults on mysql_fetch_field()

Steve Redlich steve at redlicheng.com
Thu Oct 27 05:34:22 UTC 2005

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Adam Conrad wrote:

> What's more likely the cause is that you have two apache modules loading
> that are indirectly linked to two different libmysqlclient versions,
> leading to symbol clashes which seems to manifest in this bug (and
> people mistakenly believe it's the other bug, which has been fixed)

Hi Adam,

Thank's for the detailed reply.  I've installed mod_log_sql built from 
source, so that seems like the likely culprit.  I'll track it down.
Having three versions of libmysqlclient on my system probably doesn't 


> Note that this could be anything, from mod_perl with libdb-mysql (or
> whatever it's called), to something using PAM and libpam-mysql, etc.
> Check anything and everything that you may be loading into Apache's
> memory space and make sure they're all linking with the same
> libmysqlclient (ldd /path/to/lib | grep mysql)
> Do you have any hand-compiled stuff on that system, or is it all stock
> Debian packages?  If you have hand-compiled stuff, I'll look there to
> point a finger first.  If not, it's possible we produced something
> that's broken in certain combinations, though we tried pretty hard not
> to. :/
> ... Adam

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