[php-maint] pspell extension

Keegan Quinn keegan at thebasement.org
Tue Mar 21 04:15:15 UTC 2006

Hello, Debian PHP maintainers.

I've recently received a request from a client to implement
spell-checking in a PHP application.  It seems that the best way to
go about this would be to use the pspell extension, which I
understand is not available in Debian due to a lack of interested

I would be willing to undertake the task of packaging and
maintaining pspell for PHP.  I've read through all of the relevant
bug logs[0] I could find, and it seems apparent that the best way
to package this extension would be as a seperate source package
"more or less just like the php-imap package".

Do I have the right idea here?  If anyone can lend any suggestions,
ideas or corrections, or maybe point me to where this has already
been done, I'd be grateful.


Keegan Quinn  <keegan at thebasement.org>
CEO, Producer
the basement productions

[0] #147728, #156733 and #242552.  BTW, is there any reason that
    last one has not been merged with the others?

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