[php-maint] PHP module maintenance

Charles Fry debian at frogcircus.org
Tue May 30 16:00:41 UTC 2006


I was just thinking that it would be nice to have a PHP module
maintenance group, much like the groups which maintain Perl and Java
modules (pkg-perl and pkg-java resepectively, I believe). This would
primarily involve a common repository, and some packaging guidelines.
Uwe's dh-make-php (especially the new version which is about to be
released) makes it very easy to package Pear and Pecl modules. Having
some group-maintained modules might make it easier to add more modules
than we currently have, as it removes the maintenance burdon from single

Is anyone else interested in this? If so, could it fit in as part of
pkg-php, or should we create an entirely new Alioth project?


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