[php-maint] Bug#320835: No more technical problem wrt php5-mysqli ?

Christophe Chisogne christophe at publicityweb.com
Tue May 30 13:09:11 UTC 2006

Now, MySQL 5.x is the only mysql-server in testing, and php5-mysql
is in testing too (built against libmysqlclient15off).

If there is no more technical problems (more than one mysql lib),
and if such package can be found for Sarge (dotdeb.org),
why is there no php5-mysqli package in Debian ?

Seeing that this bug is 301 days old (10 months), and the number
of security bugs for PHP 5 in Debian, perhaps is it simply
because the Debian PHP maintainers need more people involved?

Or because maintaining PHP is such a nightmare than nobody
ever want to "play" with it again? :p

If Debian wont build that package, is it difficult to build it manually?
At first glance, It seems there is a ext/mysqli directory in the PHP
Debian source package (5.1.2)...


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