[php-maint] PDO support

Lord Byron epnerexz at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 20:21:16 CET 2006

To whom it may concern,

I'm not sure who I should direct this question too, but I need to ask.  When are you going to add PDO support to the default php5 package?  According to the documentation at php.net it should "ship with PHP 5.1" and be available via PECL for previous releases.  I love what you guys have done so far, but even an unstable php5-pdo package (that we could backport) would be nice to remove the many workarounds prevalent out there.

Thank you for your time,

p.s. for what it's worth, i straight copied pdo.so and pdo_mysql.so from Dexter's php5.1 packages and they've worked flawlessly with the official Debian php5 package.

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