[php-maint] Debian PHP 5 release schedule

Ralph Schindler ralph at smashlabs.com
Thu Aug 9 19:19:29 UTC 2007

Hey Sean,

Thanks for taking the time to reply!  I personally am very interested in 
finding the best way to fix this bug, especially considering how long 
5.2.0-x will be in production for Debian.

I am cc'ing Andi as he is also interested in a path that would 
facilitate the fixing of this bug, as he has resources way beyond my own ;)

Also, do you have guidelines as per submitting the patch for the fix?  I 
assume the patch must work against the current "stable version" of the 
source that Debian has in the package repository?

Thanks again for your time,

sean finney wrote:
> hi ralph,
> On Tuesday 07 August 2007 08:01:32 pm Ralph Schindler wrote:
>>    My name is Ralph Schindler and I (on my free time) work on the Zend
>> Framework.  In building some components for the framework, I've come
>> across a problem in PHP that only exists in php version 5.2.0, which
>> coincidentally, is the current stable version of PHP in that series.
>> My question is, when do you guys expect the 5.2.3 (in testing) build to
>> become stable?
> not for quite a while.  major version changes typically only happen when 
> debian makes a new stable release.  so i'd guess somewhere in the ballpark of 
> a year or so.
> i'm really unhappy about the quality of 5.2.0, especially since i pushed 
> really hard to get 5.2.0 into stable before we froze for etch, only to find 
> out that it was full of regressions and bugs.  but the blame for that can go 
> elsewhere, or at least be shared with the php upstream devs :)
>> Unfortunately, there is no fix for the issue in that version, and I have
>> noticed quite a few people (that use debian) discover their problem on
>> their own.
>> A fix exists by using &__get() instead of __get() for all versions
>> greater than 5.1.4 with the EXCEPTION of 5.2.0.
> if you want the fix to make it to stable, the best thing you can do is provide 
> a patch against the current version in stable which fixes this problem, and i 
> can make it generally available for testing.  after i hear back from enough 
> people that it works and doesn't explode their web servers, i can send it to 
> the proposed-updates branch of stable.
> 	sean
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