[php-maint] up-to-date policy for PHP PEAR modules

Gregory Colpart reg at evolix.fr
Sun Sep 16 23:57:21 UTC 2007


(I apologize for cross-posting but I think this subject concerns
webapps because original draft, pkg-php because it's the place
for PHP PEAR modules and debian-mentors because there are a lot of
ITP/RFS last weeks. Please respect the Reply-To/Mail-Followup-To,
which is set to pkg-php-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org, thanks)

We have a lot of ITP/RFS for PHP PEAR modules, mainly because new
webapps need this modules. Note there are today 459 PHP PEAR
modules in "pear.php.net" and I think we need a clear policy to
avoid a lot of unmaintained packages. That why I propose a
up-to-date draft for packaging PHP PEAR modules here:


Feel free to comment it and send me updates by mail or IRC.
The main idea is to have similar packaging for all modules to
make easier collaborative maintenance. I hope this could also
permit to "foo web application" maintainer to ask for new modules
instead of packaging and take the responsability to maintain it.

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