[php-maint] [Webapps-common-discuss] up-to-date policy for PHP PEAR modules

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Mon Sep 17 06:51:04 UTC 2007

hi gregory,

(i'm going to keep webapps-common in the cc field, since i think there are 
people on that list that don't follow pkg-php who may have things to say)

On Monday 17 September 2007 01:57:21 am Gregory Colpart wrote:
> http://wiki.debian.org/GregoryColpart/PearPolicyDraft

a quick comment: most of the stuff on this page really isn't "policy" as much 
as it's "recommended packaging techniques".  "policy" would be more 
like "where should the files be placed after installation" etc.

> Feel free to comment it and send me updates by mail or IRC.
> The main idea is to have similar packaging for all modules to
> make easier collaborative maintenance. I hope this could also
> permit to "foo web application" maintainer to ask for new modules
> instead of packaging and take the responsability to maintain it.

while you're at it, do you have any thoughts/suggestions for how we should 
deal with having both debian-packaged pear modules and locally installed pear 
modules (i.e. pear install foo) on the same system?  in perl they have a 
solution for this by having multiple directories (i.e. site-perl and vendor), 
but we currently don't have anything like that for pear, which has always 
been a problem (and i don't believe this is.

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