[php-maint] up-to-date policy for PHP PEAR modules

Gregory Colpart reg at evolix.fr
Tue Sep 18 00:39:54 UTC 2007


On Sun, Sep 16, 2007 at 08:26:35PM -0400, Mark A. Hershberger wrote:
> The wiki page (http://wiki.debian.org/GregoryColpart/PearPolicyDraft)
> contains:
> > Note that you don't need your module register itself in postint, or
> > unregister in prerm. There was long discussion about it and it is the
> > final decision (like in dh-php-make package).
> I find the registration helpful (especially when installing
> non-Debianized programs that use the PEAR system for finding a list of
> installed modules) and have even provided a patch
> (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=442035) to add this to
> dh-make-php.
> I'm not interested in re-hashing the discussion (right now ;) ) but
> would just like to request that the phrase "There was [a] long
> discussion about it" perhaps point to an online archive of the
> discussion ??? I'm having trouble finding it.

Discussions were in webapps lists (lists.d.o and alioth.d.o).
In fact there was already a draft for policy:
Webapps-Pear-Policy-Manual-DRAFT (see in SVN repository of
webapps alioth team) but now the "standard" for packaging is
given by dh-make-php package.
I read more carefully pear.mk cdbs class and unfortunatly it
deletes *all* register files (not like my packages where I delete
only unuseful files).

In pear.mk cdbs class:
    # remove unwanted files
    rm -rf $(DEB_DESTDIR)usr/share/php/.[a-z]* \

In my debian/rules:
    rm -f debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.filemap;
    rm -f debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.lock;
    rm -rf debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.channels;
    rm -rf debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.depdblock;
    rm -rf debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.depdb;
    rm -rf debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.registry/.channel.pecl.php.net;
    rm -rf debian/$(package)/usr/share/php/.registry/.channel.__uri;

Note I keep .registry/PEARLIBRARYNAME.reg in binary package
and... I don't invent this way of packaging pear modules, there
is a lot of packages with this way: php-log, php-date, php-soap,
php-auth, php-auth-http, php-cache, php-compat, php-config,
php-crypt-cbc, php-event-dispatcher, php-file, php-html-common,
php-http-request, php-http-upload, php-image-barcode,
php-image-canvas, php-image-graph, php-net-checkip, php-net-dime,
php-net-ftp, php-net-ipv4, php-net-ldap, php-net-ping,
php-net-portscan, php-net-sieve, php-net-smartirc, php-net-url,
php-services-weather, php-xml-rss, php-xml-serializer, php-xml-util.

To conclude my opinion is:
- We need register/unregister infos for debian-packaged pear
  modules (and then dh-make-php needs a patch). But we need
  probably separate debian-packaged and local-installed pear
  modules (see my previous answer to Sean).
- I don't care if we use postinst/postrm or we keep
  .registry/PEARLIBRARYNAME.reg in binary package but I think we
  need make a choice to have a coherence for all pear packages.
  And keeping .registry/PEARLIBRARYNAME.reg file seems to be
  "standard de facto"...

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