[php-maint] FW: [ZEND-ENGINE-CVS] cvs: ZendEngine2(PHP_5_2) / zend_compile.c zend_compile.h zend_execute.c zend_execute.h zend_hash.c zend_hash.h zend_language_parser.y zend_object_handlers.c zend_vm_def.h zend_vm_execute.h /tests bug35106.phpt b

Ralph Schindler ralph at smashlabs.com
Fri Sep 28 18:05:05 UTC 2007

Hey Sean,
   Just doing a little, "I wonder what happened to that thread, let me 
bug someone" kinda follow-up.  ;)

A few people reminded me that debian still had the 5.2.0/OO issue, and 
was curious if you had a chance to take a look at the patch 
Stas/Andi/Dmitry sent over?

Also, I am really new ot the list, should this get a bug id somehow?  If 
so, how do i go about filing that?

Thanks in advance,

sean finney wrote:
> hi guys,
> i'll try to follow up on the patch sometime between now and the end of the 
> weekend, a little overwhelmed with other stuff for the next couple days.  
> initially i'm a little skeptical that it will make it past the stable release 
> manager's criteria... as you know debian is fairly conservative about what 
> kinds of new code can make it in to a stable release.  but i'll test the 
> waters and let you know, and otherwise we can explore what options are still 
> on the table.

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