[php-maint] Bug#463906: Bug#463906: libapache2-mod-php5 fails to install mods

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Tue Feb 5 07:22:08 UTC 2008

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 08:48:57PM -0800, Cam Ellison wrote:
> Package: libapache2-mod-php5
> Version: 5.2.5-2

> Installation of libapache2-mod-php5_5.2.5-2_i386.deb is incomplete: it 
> does not install php5.conf and php5.load 
> into  /etc/apache2/mods-available.

The libapache2-mod-php5 package ships these files as conffiles within
/etc/apache2/mods-available and does not modify them at any point.  This
cannot be a bug in libapache2-mod-php5.

If the files under mods-available (not the links under mods-enabled) were
missing from your system, this must be as a result of some local action or
rogue program.

> php4.conf and php4.load are still present, even though libphp4.so no
> longer exists.

Unrelated to this package.  Those should be removable by running 'aptitude
purge libapache2-mod-php4'.

> Reinstalling has no effect.

Reinstalling with dpkg --force-confmiss would.

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