[php-maint] Bug#442361: QuickForm PHP Licence makes it undistributable

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 13 12:56:09 UTC 2009

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Stephanie wrote:
> All these pkg
> you are emailing about have already been pkgd for debian, months ago and
> are in maint mode. Yup ran into the php liscencing "thing" too.  Am
> working on contacting upstream auths.  As for the pkgs we have ITPs
> on....again they are ALL done and heading to alioth a pub
> repos....despite thevold date on ITPs...you obviously have the ITP
> people's email addy... Had you emailed PRIOR to pkging as I believe is
> polite and in keeping with good debian pkging protocol (seeing that the
> pkgs you emailed have official ITP bug numbers) I could have saved you
> time and been happy to share :)

I'm sorry, but when we investigated CiviCRM packaging the only thing we
found were ITP bugs with little discussion and no links to the current

Luckily enough it didn't take us very long to come up with the packaging
and we thought we'd actually help moving the inclusion in Debian forward.

To be clear, I really don't intend to take away your ITPs from you and
if you intend to maintain those packages, then that's totally fine with me.

What are the next steps?

Have a great day,
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