[php-maint] ITP php-mysqlnd?

Mark A. Hershberger mah at everybody.org
Fri Jan 23 05:11:58 UTC 2009

sean finney <seanius at debian.org> writes:

> however, one practical issue is that afaik it requires php 5.3, for which
> no work has yet been done.  therefore, i'd suggest that you first spend some
> effort helping prepare a php5 5.3 package (on a seperate branch from
> trunk).

No problem.  Packaging some PHP apps is actually part of my dayjob at
the moment.  Has any effort been put into a GIT repository yet?  Or
should I just branch in subversion?

> who knows?  you might find out that you really enjoy helping to maintain
> the phpN packages :)

I do like it.  It makes me feel useful.  Like Thomas the Tank Engine
(yes, I have children who loved him.)


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