[php-maint] upload of 5.2.9

Raphael Geissert atomo64+debian at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 13:58:08 UTC 2009

hi Sean,

2009/3/24 sean finney <seanius at debian.org>:
> hey folks,
> 5.2.9 is out for a few days now, so i plan to upload it as soon as i'm
> done analyzing the build for regressions etc.  i've already finished
> up the patch updating, which wasn't a great deal of fun but is done now :/

First of all thanks for your great work!
Now that lenny is out I think it is more than time to address #505743
and friends. Last week I went to a forum where somebody asked me how
to enable an extension in only one SAPI, guess the rest of the story

Since there seems to be zero progress on the debhelper side it is
probably wiser to ship the dh_ script in php5-dev itself.

On a similar topic I'd like if the dh-make-php package was moved under
the PHP team umbrella (attempt at #515061).

Comments? suggestions?
and what happened with the move to git?

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