[php-maint] Bug#544793: Acknowledgement (zf.sh and zf.php unavailable)

Cesare Leonardi celeonar at ngi.it
Thu Sep 3 20:28:30 UTC 2009

I've noticed that Ubuntu has already packaged Zend Framework (since the 
beginning of 2008), and i think you could use their package as a base.
They initially started with a single "zend-framework" package (now 
transitional). Later they followed a smarter solution to have it 
splitted in a library ad a bin package:

Essentially contains the script i've requested with this BR.

Correspond to the current Debian package, plus a lot of documentation.
There is also a "zend-framework.ini" under "/etc/php5/conf.d/".

For Debian i think we could be even smarter.   :-)
We could have "zendframework" (as it is now) or "libphp-zendframework" 
(for coherence with other php library), then "zendframework-doc" or 
"libphp-zendframework-doc" for the documentation and "zendframework-bin" 
for the scripts.
I've cc'ed the Debian PHP maintainers so they can comment.

These are just suggestion: feel free to ignore them.
I'm already grateful to you for the creation of this package. Thank you 
very much.


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