[php-maint] Bug#544793: Acknowledgement (zf.sh and zf.php unavailable)

Frank Habermann lordlamer at lordlamer.de
Sun Sep 6 19:40:54 UTC 2009

> For Debian i think we could be even smarter.   :-)
Yes. The package in Ubuntu does not look so good i think.

> We could have "zendframework" (as it is now) or "libphp-zendframework"
> (for coherence with other php library), then "zendframework-doc" or
> "libphp-zendframework-doc" for the documentation and "zendframework-bin"
> for the scripts.
This is the next step that i have planned.
I agree with you that we need a zendframework-doc and a zendframework-bin. I 
will build this.
But for /usr/bin scripts i need to create a manpage first.

Is a extra package for demos or tests usefull?!?!

For the dojotoolkit integration i will not use the buildin from zendframework. 
I will create a own dojotoolkit package.

Any ideas and feedback are welcome :)

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