[php-maint] Alioth group membership / git access

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Oct 13 07:17:29 UTC 2010

John Morrissey wrote:
> I requested to join the pkg-php Alioth group a few weeks ago, but haven't
> seen a response. Is there anything else I need to do before joining?

Yes, you should ask in the mailing list, as the administrator wont
receive your request automatically.

> I'd opened ITP/ITAs to package a few PEAR modules (php-crypt-blowfish,
> php-net-dns, and php-services-weather). Thomas Goirand kindly offered to
> review the packages, which are now ready.

Please upload the packages somewhere so that I can review them (it
doesn't have to be mentors.d.o, as long as you give the link to your
.dsc file and that I can download faster than 10K/s).

> I'd like to revision control my packaging in the pkg-php git repository from
> the start, so I'd like to join the Alioth group before submitting my
> packages to Thomas for review.

I don't think you need to put them on the Git before I have a look, this
will make a bigger Git history for no reasons. Most of the time, I try
to polish my packages before starting a Git repo.

> Would one of the group admins please let me know if there's anything else I
> need to do before having my membership request approved?

I don't have the admin rights for the project, someone else will have to
accept it.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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