[php-maint] Bug#639286: Bug#639286: Bug#639286: [php5] please provide user interface for configuration

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Mon Aug 29 19:57:53 UTC 2011

Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> Ondřej Surý a écrit :
> >Please don't play BTS ping pong.
> What?

You opened a bug.  Ondřej closed it.  You opened it again.

> > It's neither the bug in the PHP nor it is PHP responsibility to
> > provide user friendly configuration GUI.

FWIW I agree with Ondřej.

> As I wrote, this is not a bug report, but a request for enhancement.

That is all well and good but the first problem is that php5, the
package for which you are filing this against, is not the right place
for this enhancement to go.  The second problem is that there isn't
any place for requests such as that to go.  This is not a useful
issue to track in this way.

> I don't need a GUI badly enough to install Webmin manually, the
> point is to make our life easier... but thanks.

So as I understand your statement you have been presented with a
reasonably easy way to manage your configuration file, by installing
the already existing webmin.  Webmin isn't availale as a package at
this moment but the source project exists and isn't that hard to
install.  You are rejecting this as being too difficult.  But on the
other hand you are asking Ondřej and the rest of the Debian package
management team to create from scratch a management interface for the
same, completely handle the security implications, package it, include
it in Debian, and maintain it forever.  That is what prompted me to
add this message to the discussion.

As to your original issue:
> I would like to be able to configure PHP (that is, presumably,
> modify php.ini) in a convenient way.

The most convenient way to configure the php.ini file is already
available.  It is a text file.  It may be conveniently edited with any
text editor.  If that is insufficient for you then I think it is
perfectly reasonable to expect that you would be be the one who would
need to be willing to do the work to provide alternatives.


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