[php-maint] Co-maintenance of phpunit ? - Was: Re: Packaging PHP_CodeCoverage and others from phpunit.de (needed by phpunit 3.5)

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sat Feb 5 12:25:28 UTC 2011

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> Le samedi 05 février 2011 à 11:26 +0800, Thomas Goirand a écrit :
> > But once again: I don't do CDBS packages, so
> > please use debhelper instead.
> > 
> Hmmm... I'm not sure it's worth the pain to change what just works.
> Is it such a big thing to review other's work in CDBS... after all, only
> the content once packaged may matter, and if there's no problem, so CDBS
> could be fine ?

That's the problem with CDBS: it just magically
works, and you don't know how/why. Only the
maintainers of CDBS itself understand it fully,
and Jonas himself (the current main maintainer of
CDBS) says it's for people that really know it well.

> ... anyway, it's a matter of taste, so I guess there's
> no point arguing.

I don't intend arguing at all, I just expressed my
conditions to do sponsoring: I have to be confident
that I'll be able to do some good work. With CDBS,
you may do some very good work, but I won't!

> phpunit is currently using CDBS, so I'll probably stick to it unless I'm
> stuck on technical issues (I've never really used CDBS myself before...
> but seems it's working so far).

Then you will have:
- to make sure you understand every bits of CDBS
- find a sponsor that likes CDBS as well (there's
less out there), which wont be me. :)

> Upstream seems to mention BSD, but I guess we'll have to check a bit
> more in details before uploading an updated package.

Yes. My advice is to avoid my previous mistakes:
check all files for license headers and authors, or
the ftp-masters wont like you!


P.S: I'm happy to see you again in Debian and help
you if I can, so I have the opportunity to wash
the past argument! :)

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