[php-maint] problem php5-gd

Sean Finney seanius at seanius.net
Thu Mar 24 19:44:14 UTC 2011

Hi Michael,

On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 15:48 +0300, Michael wrote:
> hello! i have problem in debian 5 lenny. i install lastet version
> drupal - and drupal says:
> GD library rotate and desaturate effects 2.0 or higher
> The GD Library for PHP is enabled, but was compiled without support
> for functions used by the rotate and desaturate effects. It was
> probably compiled using the official GD libraries from
> http://www.libgd.org instead of the GD library bundled with PHP. You
> should recompile PHP --with-gd using the bundled GD library.

This is intentional, actually.  if you google around for debian php
libgd you'll probably see bug reports with a longer story.  in later
(5.3.x and later i believe) the issue is resolved with a compatibility
layer, but in the meantime if this is critical for you, you should use a
backport or recompile the package from source after modifying
debian/rules to enable the built-in gd.

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