[php-maint] Plans for wheezy

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Jan 10 09:15:53 UTC 2012

On 01/10/2012 04:51 PM, Lior Kaplan wrote:
> So far it seems:
> 1. We want 5.4.0 in SID when it's stabilizes (5.4.0 or 5.4.1).
> Introducing package to experimental is a wanted thing but depends on
> more free time.
> 2. We need to think how to enable people to migrate more slowly from
> 5.3.x, in any case, we don't want to have these packages in next stable,
> as we don't want to support 5.3 anymore.
> Kaplan

I fully support the above.

Is there a list of things that become either deprecated or unsupported
for php 5.4.x? For the Squeeze release, we had to tweak few PEAR
packages to go around the "return by reference" deprecation, and the
move to perl regexp. Both were quite annoying and had to be fixed,
especially because we didn't want PEAR packages dealing with XML to
output some NOTICE warnings.

I'm just curious what kind of work we'll have to plan, and maybe it'd be
the right moment to do archive-wise grep to identify the issues in
advance, and write the relevant (RC) bug reports.


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