[php-maint] They said that you .......were dead

Barrister Ahmed Thompson barristerahme at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 04:36:58 UTC 2012

From Desk of  Mr. ALI RAILWAN 

RHB Bank Audit committee  Annex office Malaysia
Telefax +60149253634
Dear Sir
I AM MR ALI RAILWAN FROM MALAYSIA, GOVERNOR,  ATM CARD (BCEAO) . The attached picture was taken in my office where i was   serving verification documents to the White men Mr Gabriel Evans and Mr Alan Mills who stormed my office in bank of the Blac   Gentleman (on white African attire). the black man Mr Fred Johnson claimed to be your representative and the supervisory   Engineer that supervised and certified your money execution that was shifted from the previous Paying Institute to the ATM CARD   Company They said that you .......were dead and   before your death,
You appointed them as the next of kin to your payment with Registration No; Eg2272 ,Security Code No:   01721457 and PACKAGE No : JKT0014523 under our custody these two whitemen and the black  gentleman quickly applied that your Inherited fund should be presented to them at the spot.
The Official responsible for the   presentation of consignment quickly granted approvals to their application and packaged the fund for them to go with it .  When the ATM CARD Company DEPATMENT(BCEAO) airway bill Note was submitted to my desk for final Approvals before forwarding it to   them for endoresment, I noticed that there are discrepancies as there was no evidence of authorisation letter from you for   the change of beneficiary.
I urgently summoned The Official responsible for the presentation of the fund and directed him to   stop the movement of the funds and at the same time placed a stop order instruction on the funds pending when your views and   comments are received with regards to this matter.
Please study the attached photograph and call me urgently for your +60149253634  comments which will be highly appreciated, but we will not hesitate to continue the payment transmission to them if no   response comes from you.Than i will no that what their said is truth. Contact Mr ALI RAILWAN   as your silence will be a clear indication that you authorised them to effect the above.
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