[php-maint] Bug#657691: php5 FTBFS on armhf, dependency on firebird-dev is negated but configure script still looks for it.

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Sat Jan 28 01:04:54 UTC 2012

package: php5
severity: important

php5 failed to build on armhf with the following errors.

checking for InterBase support... yes, shared
checking for isc_detach_database in -lfbclient... no
checking for isc_detach_database in -lgds... no
configure: error: libgds, libib_util or libfbclient not found! Check config.log for more information.
checking for isc_detach_database in -lib_util... no
make: *** [configure-apache2-stamp] Error 1
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2

Doing some investigating it looks like the configure script is still 
looking for libaries from firebird-dev even though armhf has been 
negated in the build-depends. The changelog of the package says "Don't 
build firebird extension on hurd, m68k, hppa, ppc64, armhf and 
powerpcspe (Closes: #651070)". However looking at bug 651070 it only 
seems to discuss hurd issues, it does not discuss any reasoning for 
disabling it on other architectures.

I haven't personally done a build test of php5 on armhf with 
firebird-dev installed (because it would take a bloody long time) but 
given that the previous version built fine I'd expect it to build 
successfully. Why did you attempt to disable the firebird extension on 
armhf in the first place?

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