[php-maint] Bug#645401: Re: Bug#645401: Nice, but… wasn’t enough ☹

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sat Jan 28 18:41:03 UTC 2012

Ondřej Surý dixit:

>Nope, that's wrong. DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS is correct variable, see the manpage:
>           The Debian system name of the host machine.

The manpage says:

           The Debian architecture of the host machine.

           The Debian system name of the host machine.

Please learn to interpret this correctly. “m68k” is not
an operating system kernel (see below).

>And it is correctly set on the buildds. It's your pbuilder, which is wrong.

No, it’s not. I’ll upload to d-p.org unreleased shortly
to prove you wrong and me right, and send a debdiff.


tg at zigo:~ $ for what in hurd-i386 m68k; do
> echo $what - $(dpkg-architecture -a$what -qDEB_HOST_ARCH) not $(dpkg-architecture -a$what -qDEB_HOST_ARCH_OS)
> done 2>/dev/null
hurd-i386 - hurd-i386 not hurd
m68k - m68k not linux

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