[php-maint] Bug#656495: marked as done (php5-sqlite: unmigrated sqlite.ini left behind as obsolete conffile)

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Mon Jan 30 22:19:38 UTC 2012

Ondřej Surý wrote:
> your theory is probably correct and the dpkg-maintscript-helper is probably
> useless as is in that case, because +b1 is binNMU and maintainer has
> no control over it, I'll set the version in d-m-t to 5.3.9~

I think that will work.  I just didn't quite get through with my
testing in order to verify that was the issue I was seeing but updated
the status in the middle regardless since it drew a report from Erwin
on the issue too.  It would be great if upgrades through Sid could be
smooth but Sid is unstable and that isn't always practical.

To be clear I am okay if an intermediate upgrade through some Sid
needs some manual help.  Sometimes that is unavoidable.  But of course
a smooth upgrade from Oldstable to the new Stable in the future at
release time is always the goal.  I think your solution using
dpkg-maintscript-helper should guarantee that just fine.  So no
urgency on this issue now.  Just trying to keep improving it.

Thanks again for maintaining php!


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