[php-maint] Bug#828843: Bug#828843: sessionclean: please add "-xtype f" to find arguments

Clement Hermann nodens at nodens.org
Tue Jun 28 15:36:28 UTC 2016

Le 28/06/2016 à 17:23, Ondřej Surý a écrit :
> Control: tags -1 +wontfix
> Hi Clément,
> I don't think this is a good idea, as it will cause find to access each
> physical file
> This would cause some serious performance degradation.
Good catch. Definitely not wanted.

> However the new sessionclean script has 2>/dev/null redirection, so it
> might also solve this kind of messages.

I'd like to test that, where can I find it ? adding 2>dev/null to the
relevant find commands should indeed be enough and I don't forsee any
problem with that,

Maybe we should rename this bug to "sessionclean:  harmless error on
some platforms about missing files in /proc/<pid>/fd" and remove the
wontfix tag ? And close this bug in the version this sessionclean will
be in ?

Cheers !

Clément (nodens)

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