[Pkg-postgresql-public] pgpool packaging

Stephen Frost sfrost@snowman.net
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 08:37:37 -0400

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* Oliver Elphick (olly@lfix.co.uk) wrote:
> Regarding dependencies, do you consider that pgpool is independent of a
> postgresql server on the local machine?  If it were dependent, there
> would be a dependency on postgresql and pgpool would necessarily be
> removed before postgresql.  But I suppose you could have a pgpool server
> on one machine providing connections to a postmaster on another one.

Personally I would definitely hope and expect that pgpool *not* Depend
on postgresql..  I've looked at pgpool a couple of times in the past,
but almost never to run on the same machines as my postgresql databases.
Usually to run on an independent machine which would then talk to the
postgresql databases.


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