[Pkg-postgresql-public] Pl/R

Christopher Browne cbbrowne@ca.afilias.info
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 17:17:02 -0500

On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 05:57, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi Christopher!
> Am 2004-03-20 20:52 -0500 schrieb Christopher Browne:
> > I'm not presently a developer; have debated that a couple of times.
> Sorry, I was not aware of those debates.

Those were "internal" debates; I was arguing with myself, inconclusively

> > This might be an opportune reason to head down that road.  I have
> > built a couple of Debian packages, albeit ones too preliminary to
> > release, so while I'm not expert, I'm certainly not totally ignorant.
> > :-)
> No problem, we can work together at it if you want: I don't know
> anything about plr (I've never used it and cannot test it, I got the
> package just by "accident"), but I certainly know how to package it.
> So we can just comaintain it: you go for testing and for the upstream
> part (and can learn packaging if you want), and I can review the
> packaging part and do uploads. It is not much work anyway, there are
> currently no open bugs against it, but I want to be sure that it works
> as intended.

There are a _few_ things that look a little broken about the way that it
is packaged, at present, so there seems to be room to improve it a bit.
Some of our people have been well in touch with Joe Conway, the
'upstream author,' so it seems fairly likely that it wouldn't be too
hard to push updates upstream if need be.  (It would be nice to have a
debian/ directory in the "sources," for instance.)

The notable bits of things that were broken:

1.  /usr/lib/postgresql/lib/plr.so references libR.so

   cbbrowne@dev6:~$ ldd /usr/lib/postgresql/lib/plr.so
         	libR.so => /usr/lib/R/bin/libR.so (0x40020000)

But ldconfig didn't know about this until I added "/usr/lib/R/bin" to
/etc/ld.so.conf and ran "ldconfig -v".  Is there a "standard" way for
dpkg to cope with that?

2.  The /etc/init.d/postgresql script needs to have "export
R_HOME=/usr/lib/R" added to it.  

Is there a decent 'standard' way of adding that in when pl/r is added
in?  It's only needed if postgresql-plr is installed...

> > I have some PL/R testing to do on Monday or Tuesday on one of our
> > servers; I'll certainly think further about it then.
> Sure!
> Have a nice Sunday!
> Martin
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