[Pkg-postgresql-public] Re: oldstable to stable upgrades

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Wed May 2 21:25:38 UTC 2007

Hi Michelle,

Michelle Konzack [2007-04-24 16:43 +0200]:
> > If you have a fairly standard Sarge setup (data in
> > /var/lib/postgresql, no symlink hacks, etc.) it should work smoothly
> Yeah.. I have had problems with this, since I have put my 6 PostgreSQL
> homes into /home/postgres-<flav>  because I run 6 PostgreSQL Servers
> on 6 different ports.
> Only the first ${HOME} was reconized right.

Indeed, the transitional package does not go that far. It only
automatically upgrades what is automatically created by Sarge's
package maintainer scripts. Attempting to upgrade custom installations
would be mad and probably do more bad than good.

However, if you call pg_createcluster with an already existing
directory as --datadir, it is integrated into the postgresql-common
structure, so that you can use tools like pg_upgradecluster and
pg_lsclusters, get log rotation and cronjobs, and make pg_wrapper(1)
work properly.

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