[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#791526: postgresql-9.4: postgresql needs locales-all to create cluster on install

Malte Dik malte at wk3.org
Sun Jul 5 18:34:06 UTC 2015

Source: postgresql-9.4
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainer,

I discovered that creating an initial cluster failed when installing
package "postgresql" (and therewith "postgresql-9.4") on a variety of
machines running Debian jessie.

Through trial-and-error I discovered that installing the package
"locales-all" resolved the problem.

I therefore would ask for "locales-all" to be put in the list of
dependencies of postgresql-9.4.

I leave out system info as this applies to amd64, i386, armhf running
jessie as well as unstable.



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