[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#791526: Bug#791526: postgresql-9.4: postgresql needs locales-all to create cluster on install

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Jul 6 05:04:08 UTC 2015

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Hello Malte,

Malte Dik [2015-07-05 20:34 +0200]:
> I discovered that creating an initial cluster failed when installing
> package "postgresql" (and therewith "postgresql-9.4") on a variety of
> machines running Debian jessie.
> Through trial-and-error I discovered that installing the package
> "locales-all" resolved the problem.

Then this most likely means that you have an /etc/default/locale which
sets a nonexisting locale. postgresql-common ought to check that,
though. Please give the complete output of "apt-get install
postgresql-9.4", "locale", and "cat /etc/default/locales".

> I therefore would ask for "locales-all" to be put in the list of
> dependencies of postgresql-9.4.

This is not going to happen. locales-all is mostly just a test package
for build dependencies, for installed systems it's just a waste.



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