[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#635748: [pgadmin3] Does not respect system background colors in "Object browser"

Guillaume Lelarge guillaume at lelarge.info
Sat Sep 17 17:52:30 UTC 2016

Le 17 sept. 2016 7:44 PM, "Rimas Kudelis" <rq at akl.lt> a écrit :
> Hi Guillaume,
> I just want to say that your patch doesn't quite work as expected.
Instead of just using system default colour unless custom colour is set,
Pgadmin actually stores that default colour in server configuration, and
always sets it explicitly. This isn't a problem until you change the theme
you use, but once you do (like I switched from light to dark theme), all
your servers are suddently using a colour that is no longer the default.
> I think the correct behavior would be not to store colour in the
configuration unless the user sets it explicitly. This way, even if PgAdmin
stores the default upon initial creation, the user could clear that setting
manually and it would then always be treated as empty instead of being
reset to the default colour on first run. Ideally, it would even be
possible to disable custom colour via a checkbox or something like that.
> I made a small patch, which prevents storing the empty setting. However,
it is incomplete due to the server dialog now erring upon load, because it
actually expects a colour value. I believe this should be easy to fix for
someone familiar with the code though.
> I'm attaching this half-baked patch. Feel free to apply it if PgAdmin is
still to be supported for some time.

You're right on the issue. Unfortunately, there won't be any more pgadmin3
releases. The dev team is working on pgadmin4 right now, which is a
complete rewrite of pgAdmin. A GA release should be available at the end of
September if all goes according to plan.

But still, thank you for your patch and your attention to this kind of
details. They are important to us. I'd have been happy to apply it if there
would be another release of pgadmin3.

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