[Pkg-running-devel] Bug#816314: Bug#816314: Bug#816314: fixed in garmin-forerunner-tools 0.10repacked-9

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sat Apr 16 07:25:57 UTC 2016

Quoting Fenix (fenixian at gmail.com):
> Oooops.
> I think that I know what happens. I just did clone [
> git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-running/garmin-forerunner-tools.git ] thinking
> that the master branch was updated until the last repackage.
> I just see that the patches is inside de Debian/patches and not applied to
> the source code.
> So, was me who was seeing a non updated code. I'm sorry. I didn't know the
> Debian workflow.
> I'm going to update the code with the patches, and try to say something.

Well, the "816314_fix.patch" *is* in master.

The patch is in debian/patches *and* listed in debian/patches/series,
so as far as I can tell, it is applied at build time and thus is
ending in the built binaries.

Still the debian/0.10repacked-9 tag didn't end up on Alioth because of
an omission of mine on my local copy. This is now fixed.

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