[pkg-s48-maint] Our darcs directories

Jorgen Schaefer forcer at debian.org
Sun Feb 18 23:02:16 UTC 2007

Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel at mamane.lu> writes:

> Hi,

Hi there.

> Our common darcs directories were in your home on costa; you haven't
> moved them to a reasonable place on wagner (the new unified alioth
> host) yet, and the filesystem ACLs were _not_ transferred with the
> files (only classical UNIX owner/group/others permissions). This means
> I cannot commit to them.

That's sad. I wasn't aware of any move, and I haven't used the
darcs directory there (primarily because I didn't notice any
benefit from doing so). But this just highlights a problem that
should be fixed.

I don't have the time for Debian anymore. My casual "just upload a
package with useful software" just doesn't fit - Debian moved from
quantity to quality, and in turn requires some effort to keep
updated (like this move of alioth).

> Let's get back to a clean situation.

Indeed. I'll orphan my packages and retire from Debian.

        -- Jorgen

Debian GNU/Linux Developer
forcer at debian.org

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