[Pkg-scicomp-devel] new packages in the repository

Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm at debian.org
Tue Jul 3 05:05:26 UTC 2007


| 1) tetgen
| The package is ready for upload to Debian non-free. Let me know if you
| find any problems with it and I'll try to fix it.
it  would be nice to have tetgen as a library as well.
you should change the compilation flags and use at least -O2. otherwise the 
performances will be rather poor.

| Other questions:
| --------------
| It will take some time before the above packages hit unstable, but I
| need them now. Let's say that the tetgen (1.4.2-1) will be uploaded
| soon to incoming. Can I just create versions like 1.4.2-1oc1,
| 1.4.2-1oc2, etc. that will be updates to the package during the time
| tetgen is in incoming (and I put the binary package into my
| repository, so that it upgrades nicely on all my computers with
| debian) and when tetgen gets into unstable, I will just add 1.4.2-2 to
| the changelog (and leave the 1oc1, 1oc2 there) and this 1.4.2-2 will
| be uploaded to unstable? So that the most recent version of the
| package is in the alioth svn.
I am Ok with that

| I would also be interested in packaging these eigenvalue solvers in
| the future (when we get the SLEPc working reliably in Debian):
| BLZPACK: http://crd.lbl.gov/~osni/marques.html#BLZPACK
| PRIMME: http://www.cs.wm.edu/~andreas/software/
| they will go to the main section. The primme should be better than
| arpack in most of the cases. And then possibly compiling SLEPc against
| them as well. Possibly also
| TRLan: http://crd.lbl.gov/~kewu/trlan.html
| BLOPEX: http://www-math.cudenver.edu/~aknyazev/software/BLOPEX/
| But I am not sure about the license if it could go into main.
All these packages are within pkg-scicomp scope. You are much welcome
to bring them in

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