[Pkg-scicomp-devel] new collaborator

Daniel Rus danirus at tol-project.org
Sat Mar 10 15:00:16 CET 2007

Hi Christophe,

Christophe Prud'homme escribió:
> | MeTiS -> http://glaros.dtc.umn.edu/gkhome/views/metis/
> the version of metis/parmetis is 3.1 (-4) pkg-scicomp has taken over the 
> maintenance of metis/parmetis (metis is now shipped with parmetis)
> I believe that I use the latest version of metis/parmetis

Excuse me, I was wrong, I mixed the metis version number with the 
parmetis, sorry.

> | SuiteSparse -> http://www.cise.ufl.edu/research/sparse/SuiteSparse/
> already packaged on pkg-scicomp, not yet uploaded
> | ZipArchive -> http://www.artpol-software.com/ZipArchive/
> I don't know about this one. It doesn't seem to be related to scientific 
> computing, does it ?

Yes, it's not related, and it's not part of Debian. I think I should 
look for an sponsor to upload it, isn't?

> |
> | I've libtoolize and packaged them, although Metis has been already
> | packaged by Adam C. Powell as libparmetis3.1, but it is already a bit
> | old, and the mainstream has changed since 2005. The other two are not
> | part of Debian, and both are free (under GPL).
> If you want to help improve suitesparse support in Debian you are welcome !!
> Just create a guest account and tell mw about it, I can then add you to the 
> project.

I've just created an account in alioth.debian.org, my user name is 

The package I built for suitesparse doesn't include everything, only 
amd, camd, colamd, ccolamd and cholmod, I can prepare the rest. Let me 
know how can I help.

Here are the autotoolized sources that maybe could help: 

The debian package is under this repository:
deb http://packages.tol-project.org/debian testing contrib
(testing or stable, match the Debian release I build for)

¿How can I get the pkg-scicomp sources?

> | Previously to read this: http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint
> | I thought to talk directly with Adam, but I'm not sure if I should get
> | my PGP key signed before.
> | I will appreciate any help you can give me about the steps I should
> | follow. Thanks for read me, I'm living in Munich, so if some of you are
> | living around, it would be nice for me if we could meet to chat a little
> | bit.
> pkg-scicomp welcomes both debian and non-debian developpers to create and 
> maintain packages for scientific computing.
> It is not necessary to get your pgp key signed to work on pkg-scicomp, however 
> it is mandatory if you want to become a Debian maintainer/developer.
> Best regards
> C.

I've joined this devel list, and the commits list.
Thank you for your welcome.


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