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Some comments from me.

On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 07:39:12PM +0200, Jakub Turski wrote:
> 3. Dependencies.
> The script package should depend on vim package. It may also specify ve=
> number if such dependency is needed. If package contains script with
> documentation, it should pre-depend on vim package.
Pre-dependency may be a source of troubles. Plain dependency should be
sufficient. See bugs.debian.org/237704 for details.

> 4. Help files handling and helptags generation.
> It should be included into vim package. All packages containing vim scr=
> with documentation should pre-depend on vim.
See above.
Additionaly, internal vim command :helptags should be disabled. It could
lead to problems like bugs.debian.org/294170.

> 5. Naming.
> All packages that contain vim scripts and adhere to this policy must be=
> in following pattern:
>  vim-script-name
> Currently, only vim-latexsuite conforms to this point.
There was eons ago when we last discussed vim packaging policy :) I remem=
some voices saying that it should be vim-packagename-addon to avoid
confusion with vim compiled with additional script language like: vim-pyt=
vim-perl, vim-ruby, etc...

> 6. Conflict resolving.
> If package introduces the same file as another package with another vim
> scripts, both packages should use update-alternatives in order to solve=
> conflict. Priority should be calculated as follows:
>   * Start with a priority of 20.
>   * If package allows user customization, add 10.
>   * Judge about amount of provided features.
I do not like this. General rules from Debian Policy should apply.
File from any package could be safely diverted or altered by file with th=
same name from another package _only_ in case when both give _the same_
functionality. AFAIR Debian Policy requires that both maintainers agree
about divert/alternative.

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